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    Entrepreneurship is 'weaker than ever'?

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      Hi Community,


      I just read an article on CNN?Money that says "Despite glimmers of good news for job creation, the state of America's startups presents a troubling sign: There are fewer of them, and those that exist are hiring fewer workers. It's a one-two punch that poses a serious threat to the workforce, because studies have shown that startups are America's true job creators."


      Sheesh!  Are we (small business entrepreneurs) a dying breed?  Or, is it just because the economy is that bad?



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          Can you provide a link to the full article?




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            Hi Barky,


            I believe its a combination of both the economy and the dying dinosaur. Before the terrible economy if you worked hard in your own business you were able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Anyone who is self employed knows that there are many years especially in the beginning where you really don't have a life and it seems that work is all you know. But eventually, you knew that there would come a point in time that you could ease up and enjoy self-employment. For many years now, that has all changed. It seems that those of us who've reached that point of easing up now finds that they cant, because their business is dying. Those who didn't get the pleasure of kicking back a little, continue to fight to stay alive.  Then you have the newbies who never even had a chance. Behind them, the young hopefuls watching this. Why work soooo hard if you can punch a clock with someone else, make a pretty decent buck and have your vacation time to enjoy with your family? No one knows for certain if and when this economy will recover. If you were in their shoes, wouldn't you choose to work for someone else instead of working your finger to the bone and still not get anywhere?