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    BlueMonday Adventurer

      We recently got a call from a new customer about people walking-off (aka stealing) the marble coasters we provide for their restaurant.  The restaurant owner called to order 200 more coasters.  I took the call and asked (maybe foolishly) why he was interested in placing another order for coasters as he just placed an order from us for 100 only last month.  He laughed and said, "because people keep stealing them".  He continued to say that his was all part of his 'master plan'.  You see, the marble coasters are branded with the restaurant name/logo, their phone #, address and hours.  He knew if people pocketed a coaster or two they would have them in their home or office for all to see and thus..inquire about.  He said, "it's word of mouth advertising".  These are high-quality items that WILL BE displayed by the "crook" (lol) and therefore spur discussion.  He continued, "what could be better advertising for us than to have one or two of our coasters on the coffee table or desk of our customers?  When folks get hungry, they see the coaster under their drink and say let's go here!"  The moral of this story is obvious: get your brand out there!