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    The Olympics

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Many of you may be following the Olympics this year. 

      During the opening ceremonies I was struck by a statistic; they estimate that fully half of all the competing countries have never won a medal in any sport.

      While I was digesting that thought in disbelief, the announcer went on to share how that even without a medal prospect the athletes want to be part of the games.

      I know that sitting behind a keyboard and pouring your heart out to an advice-seeker might feel like going to the Olympics and never winning a medal.


      Keep up the great answers, LUCKIEST

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          Moderator Cath Guide

          Thanks, Luckiest, I agree with you.  So often we feel that the tidbit of experience we have in a specific topic is not of much value to others and so we keep our fingers off our keyboards and do not share.  What we do not (and will not) ever know, is that this tiny tidbit might just be the answer that someone else has been searching for.


          Folks, when you have something to offer, share it.  When someone posts something that is of value to you, give that person a shout-out.


          The wealth of information contained in this community must be immense BUT if we keep our bit of info away, then the full picture will not be reached.  So often a simple question that begins a thread looks like an uninteresting one - and all of a sudden, it balloons into a large discussion with a LOT of shared information.


          So to get back to Luckiest's comments: the only medals you will get here for your advice is the grateful thanks of another business owner.  But perhaps, knowing you helped another advance is a medal - what do you think?