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    Hiring telemarketers

    amspcs Ranger

      Anybody have experience or advise on where to find/how to hire/how to compensate telephone appointment setters?

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          BizOptimizer Adventurer

          I have had some.  I can tell yout that telemarketing phone experience doesn't make them qualified to write the scripts - which is the biggest part of it.  You need a good set-up and a good hook.  If you don't know how to do that, probably best to work with one of the companies that do it all.  The better they are - the more willing they should be to be paid by results.

          Good luck

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            David Wayfarer

            There are many websites who allow you to create your own account and you can place a request for any service you are looking for, such as feelancing and many others. You can place an request and certainly you will find more options to choose the right service provider . May I know which product you want to sale out ?

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              vinnythejinny Newbie

              There are few things you need to know about setting up telemarketing sales.


              1) Either build a call center yourself

              2) Hire Call center specialists to handle it for you.


              The    most important part businesses always ignore is the sales funnel. How    are you acquiring the leads or contacts for your business and what  kind   of information you have gathered about the prospect is very  important.


              Cold  calling people won't work with Call  centers  because its so difficult to  engage them by using these guys  when they  don't know anything about  your business. When you use a  third party  call center to acquire  leads/sales, you must first qualify  them as  "prospects".


              you  can either do that online or  get these  leads from other lead sourcing  companies. By the way, I  myself is  looking for a Payment processing  service, Let me know how to  contact  you.


              Just to let you know, I am online marketer and been helping businesses succeed online since 2005.



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                TeleSource Center Adventurer

                There are many aspects to a successful telemarketing campaign.  In regards to writing an effective script, you must remember that the caller will only reach a contact baout 20-30% of the time (in B2B telemarkting) and when he or she does get someone on the phone, there is a very limited window in which to introduce yourself, build credibility or value and then qualify the contact for the next step, such as an appointment.


                Your best bet is to look for a company that specializes in the type of telemarketing that you are looking for, such as B2B outbound appointment settting.  The firm should have experience in the market you are trying to target (healthcare for example) and multiple employees should be involved in the project.


                Please feel free to contact me and I can share a white paper on this subject.



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                  CallboxInc Adventurer

                  There are many telemarketing companies available online, look it up, read reviews and get in touch with them. I suggest that you make a list of companies that you would be interested in and make notes.


                  Telemarketing companies have different paying schemes, you can have a monthly package, per hour or per appointment.

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                      TeleSource Center Adventurer

                      In regards to the comment posted by Callbox Inc, I would suggest having a template so that you know what questions to ask and easily keep all the informaiton about each telemarketing company organized.  Many companies will appear to be the same, so having accurate information is a must.  TeleSource Center has a summary template for doing just this and can be found online.