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    Starting new bookkeeping/accounting business

    Jordan2010 Newbie
      Hello everyone.

      My name is Hatem, I just joined the online community. I am an accountant working in the finance department of an international company, also I work as an accountant for a small company in which i do most of my part time work from home as an independent contractor. I've been doing my part time work for almost 5 years. Currently i've been seriously thinking about improving and expanding my own work by starting a bookkeeping/accounting business on the side, and try to attract new clients. So I am trying to figure out the best way to start bringing new clients and offer them my services. Please help me with any ideas or infomation to start promoting my business.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          bookkeeping/accounting business

          Good luck Hatem. Would like to talk to you about your new business.

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            I wrote a post about a year ago titled, "Can I Swim with the Sharks or Should I Get Back in the Boat?" Here's the link:




            Before you move forward with a business plan, I recommend that you take some time to consider how much time, money and risk you are willing to assume by starting your own business. Plus, if you start marketing your services and your current employers find out about it, would you financially be able to survive getting fired?


            If you are already determined to move forward, then I recommend that you start by creating a plan. Some of the basics to begin with are defining your target market, defining what makes your services uniquely appealing for that market, a marketing strategy for getting their attention and how you will convert them into customers.


            You will see tabs on my site for "Introspection", "Research", "Planning", "Action" and "Resources" to help get you started.


            I hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


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              phanio Pioneer
              To get clients or promote your business - get out there and start talking about you, your business and what you offer. First start with your friends and family - tell them that you will reduce their price if they refer others to you.

              Get out and knock on doors of businesses and individuals - sell yourself to them - that you will work hard for them and treat them right.

              Run a local ad in your newspaper. Get out and attend local networking events and talk about your business - hand out business cards and flyers.

              Join your local chamber -

              The more you talk about your business and get others talking, the more people will 1) be aware of who you are and 2) start to seek you out.

              May want to offer some discounts in the beginning to get people, businesses to try you - then wow them to keep them coming back and to get them to tell their friends.

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                saniya514 Wayfarer

                I agree with the other response.  You need to get out there and market yourself.  If you want to target small businesses, print out flyers and business cards.  Make a list of several business that you would like to contact.  Go speak with the owners, send emails, make phone calls, then follow up with them.  I know a lot of hair salons, daycares, cake/cupcake shops, etc... would love the relief of a bookkeeper - They would be able to spend more time with family and doing things they love to do.  Explain the benefits to them - how you would save them time and money.  They would be spending less money come tax time, because the tax person would receive everything organized. Start a website, so people will know where and how to contact you.  Vistaprint has reasonable prices and there are also some free websites as well.  You can also get in touch with a cpa firm and go in and speak with them - sort of like a mentor.  They will even put your name out there and give you referrals. 


                Also, sign up with intuit/Quickbooks - when you purchase their software, you can take an online course to be certified.   


                I know this looks like a bunch of rambling, but this all helped me. 

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                    Moderator Cath Guide

                    Starting any business takes time and preparation.  Saniya, you offer some good suggestions for marketing a business.


                    This is an old thread but one that is of importance to anyone who is in the beginning stages of starting a business or contemplating a start-up.


                    What other suggestions would anyone have to assist a new/potential business owner?  They don't have to be earth-shattering - just tried and true suggestions that have worked for you.


                    One thought I would share: is to make sure you are truly passionate about your product and then plan, plan, plan.



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                    fcpayroll Wayfarer

                    Hello. How is your business going so far? I am an accounting myself and started earlier in 2009 on my own. It does take a while for a business to take off.

                    Hope all is well.