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    Small Business Coaching Tips

    Moderator Berta Guide

      Do you have any tips for new Small Businesses?  How can they improve marketing?  How can sales be improved? Or even customer service? What tips or tricks for the trade would you share with new business owners?



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          YES we all have tips and YES the members and I have written many tips in the past.


          Do you want me to copy and paste them to your question??


          Not sure, I would use the word "TRICKS"



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            Kirsten Clark Adventurer

            If you are just starting out, make sure you set up a bookkeeping system right from the start so you are able to track all of your startup costs and expenses.

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              jessica_david Scout

              basic but most powerful thing for startup especially in marketing department is doing things naturally, especial if you want to be benificail in long run.. participate in different social medias, attract with people, get there reviews, dont just go and start marking your products, first gain there trust and after that people trust on you...

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                Bono80 Newbie

                Know your long term goal and objectives before thinking about Marketing.

                -Who is your ideal customer

                -What problems do they have

                -What goals do they have

                -How is your business in a unique position to provide a solution.

                Once you have a handle on these simple questions then try to find where those ideal customers will be and try to engage them by providing valuable and meaningful content that is beneficial and adds clear value.

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                  Moderator Cath Guide

                  I'm sure anyone who is considering starting a new business will find all these tips valuable.  I hope others will continue to offer their ideas and tips to this thread.  Keep the creativity flowing, folks!



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                    CEO Space Scout

                    Since Luckiest has probably posted most of the business tips I would give I will list some of the less obvious ones.


                    When you are running a business and in it day in and day out, you can get tunnel vision, it is important to make sure you are looking at your business as your customers do.  I started surveying my customers with an exit survey from the very beginning so that if there was anything that could be fixed, I could fix it right away.


                    Now, any additional comments or suggestions they make have to be evaluated because you cannot do everything for everyone.  However, if the same issue comes up time and again, you best deal with (maybe not in their suggested manner) quickly before a little issue becomes a problem that keeps clients from coming back or referring others.


                    Every once in a while, walk into your business like you are a brand new client who has never been there before and see how differently it looks to you.  If you cannot do this, have a friend do it.


                    Even before all of this, it is important to do your market research to determine if what you are wanting to sell is needed and wanted and if you are in the right neighborhood for that.


                    Far too many times I've seen great businesses in the wrong location go out of business in a very short time.

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                      Moderator Berta Guide

                      Thanks for sharing your tips everyone!  If you can think of anything else that would be helpful to another startup business, please feel free to share.



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                        LUCKIEST Guide

                        Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea, concept or brand ... and then realized it wouldn't work?


                        Usually the moment of truth arrives when it's time to write the sales letter or web page.

                        You thought your genie was giving you magic gifts and all you got was pixie dust.  


                        Often a branding concept dissolves into dust when we try to write copy.

                        Now I've learned to write the copy sooner rather than later.


                        Are you branding for pixie dust or profits?


                        I see people getting burned with bad but well-meaning advice.

                        You might disagree so please add comments, pro or con.



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                          CashFlowControl Newbie

                          On the financial end, the first order of business is to create a budget.


                          A budget is simply working out how much income you need each week to operate your business and do better than break even.
                          I call that the "Income Planning Target"


                          The second is to do your weekly sales and income planning.
                          That is figuring out what you are going to sell, and for how much, to what target audience.
                          It is also about how you are going to promote to make enough sales to make that income planning target.


                          If you cannot sell enough of whatever you are selling to make that income planning target then adjustments have to be made.
                          Adjustments can include raising prices, adding more streams of income, cutting expenses, promoting more effectively, etc.


                          The third is learning how to manage and allocate your cash flow that clears the bank each week.
                          This entails making planning decisions that are in the best financial interest of your business BEFORE you spend the money.


                          If you are making financial decisions based on how much money you have in the bank account, then your money is controlling you.
                          Cash flow control planning puts you in control of the money. And that is the way it should be.


                          Learn about cash flow control (money management planning) and learn about accounting (record keeping).


                          Running a business is a lot of hard work. Whatever you are doing, make sure it is fun for you or you'll get burned out.
                          Make sure your company can pay you and your staff an adequate salary or you'll get discouraged and want to quit.

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                            longlivemedia Tracker

                            For new business owners, it would help if they go through what the successful others have done in the past. Of course, they have to be related to your business.