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Generating quality traffic to my website

Jay Warpinski Novice
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I just finished my website and I need to find a way to generate traffic that turns into sales.  I just launched, and I know it takes time, but I'm not looking for major success either.  If I could generate 10-15 orders a week, I'd be satisfied.  Is this a lofty goal?  Research shows that my keyword gets over 3 million searches a month in my service area, so I don't think 40-60 orders a month is unrealistic.  I have very limited experience in online marketing, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    LUCKIEST Master
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    If you're keeping a blog, you need to find a source of content that lets you communicate fresh ideast.


    One never-ending source of content might be delivered to your door step each day   your Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or local newspaper.


    Commenting on a news story offers a way to promote yourself as an expert

    You also have a higher likelihood of attracting traffic, because potential readers are searching for newsy topics.



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    vnavguys Expert
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    This could be lofty or it could be easy.. There is no way to tell without more details about your site.  If your keyword has that demand the chances of ranking high for it and converting highly are pretty slim.  These kinds of things have to be planned out thoroughly.

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    LUCKIEST Master
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    Let's consider a question that comes up frequently with clients:


    My niche is women aged 20-35. But I'm getting many clients over 40,

    as well as some excellent male clients. Should I change my niche??


    Usually the answer is "no,"  Some clients actually seek out a coach or

    consultant who targets clients who are NOT like them.


    Others just don't pay attention. They like your online personality and the

    tone of your messages.


    So there's rarely a need to shift your niche.


    Copywriting has the effect of applying a magnifying glass to your strategy.

    You'll see the tiny cracks that need to be fixed as well as the solid parts that need to be brightened up.


    Good luck, LUCKIEST

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    Sarah Novice
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    With millions of searches comes very steep competition and it is difficult to get a landing page to rank because it's a static page that normally has little content that is of value.


    I recommend using Facebook PPC because it's easy to target very specific demographics and isn't as expensive as Adwords. Give it a try and be cautious at first until you learn and TEST what you are doing and the results you get.



  • Re: Generating quality traffic to my website Newbie
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    I have an online site myself... currently I use PPC with adwords and it is currently working for me.  BUT I would love to start looking into the more organic searches for my site.  I've researched on this top for some time now and here are some tips I hope you will find helpful:


    1. Start with your website - check for meta tags, backlinks, content, landing page - make sure they all gel... basically, make sure all components match up and are revelvant to the topic.


    2. Write articles and create fresh content for your site - either updating it once a week or hire someone to update it with fresh new content


    3. Join Forums and online communities and blog or comment on these sites to get yourself out there


    4. Use social media - write several tweets a day or create a facebook fan page and promote your site there too


    All these are the first of many steps because with everything, it takes time to build your site up in rank and history!  Good luck!

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    ewconline Novice
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    Two effective and faster ways to promote your website is through Social Media and Video Marketing. Create your presence on Social Media, increase your Fanbase giving great offers, coupons etc on Social Media. Promote your business via Video marketing, distribute the videos on all your pages like website, Social pages. Promote by video consistantly, this is more effective promotion than any other and helps  rank you site faster.

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    laeeq Newbie
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    just folllow simple google guidelines




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    Moderator Berta Master
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    Hi Jay,


    Have you tried any of the suggestions here?



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    Travis Van Slooten Novice
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    Can you provide more details about your business and website? And are your customers local or nation wide? It's impossible to give you some concrete ideas without more details.


    Travis Van Slooten

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    longlivemedia Apprentice
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    It's one thing to get enough traffic and it's another thing to turn that into sales. The layout, design and content of your site are the ones responsible for conversion.

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    mere_wood Apprentice
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    It would be helpful to know what type of business, but as a lot of users have said, a blog is a great place to start. Essentially, what a blog does is give you an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert/authority in your space and to also get some traffic from Google. However, you have to devote some time and research into developing a blog that will actually provide part 2. It's all about Search Engine Optimization. You need to do research on keywords and keyphrases that your customers would be searching for. Then, you write  blog posts centered around these terms. Share them with people, etc. I've seen a few people recommend PPC, which is for sure. However, I think it's best to start with a content/organic driven campaign, so you can see which keywords convert for you, and then you can actually pay for those terms with PPC. If you have the money to invest, you could look at using an SEO company for say 3 months. They will do the keyword research for you, helped build your site's authority, and then you can take over the reigns. Average is about 1,000 a month for something like that.


    Just some ideas! Hope it helps!




  • Re: Generating quality traffic to my website
    Ted Sundquist Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    If you are looking to get out of the gate fast without spedning an arm and a leg for marketing/advertising..You

    might want to take a look at this video tutorial that an associate provided for me.


    The videos are free but provide some great traffic tips that not many people have heard of.  


    You can go here:


    Good Luck!

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