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    Boba Bubble Tea / Indian Shakes with Falooda

    Desifal Newbie



      I want to start a new business in Boba Bubble tea along with offering indian shakes, falooda, Cold coffee and teas. I am located in Dallas, TX in my area there aren't many  boba tea shots only 2 in 20 mile range.  I need information how to start about it and where, I am new to business world but would really like to start something and find success in it. I  think it would be great to have cold drinks here since 10 months our of 12 its really nice weather here especially in the summer. Please help me find out the cost and all the information i need. This idea came to me about a month ago and i have been brainstorming if its a good idea or not.


      Please  help me figure out all the things i need to know to start new business. I would like to start small and grow. Is it a good idea to start a counter in the mall? since lot of people come there with all diff ethinicity ?


      Thank you for your input.


      Desi Gal

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          Moderator Ilona Ranger

          Did you by chance do any research to see if there is a market for what you are trying to sell, see if the 2 businesses that are already in the area have a good business flow. There are many things to consider when starting a new business, if any one of our knowledgeable posters has some good ideas to help out, please share your wisdom on what's involved in starting a new business.



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            icetzou Scout

            There are many taiwanese boba distributors in the US. One of the biggest ones is Lollicup, which offer franchsing as well as private label. There's also tapioca express. Both of them can give you a rough estimate on your cost based on the space that you have to work with and they will provide you everything you need from powder to cups to blenders.


            Your cost on a cup of boba will be roughly be around 60 to 70 cents and based on where you are, you can usually sell it for $3 to $5 each. So try to figure out your break even based on rent, labor, utilities and other associated costs. I personally think that having a small place at the mall with a lot of foot traffic is a great idea. However, high foot traffic doesn't always yeild customers. It all comes down to the branding. Also I would recommend serving drinks that falls into only ONE ethnic group. If you want to diversify, think about having finger foods like cripsy chicken or fried tofu. That will go really well with the drinks. Otherwise people will be very confused about the business' brand.


            Hope I have been helpful. I own a boba shop in Los Angeles so let me know if you have any other questions.