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    Why Should You Use An Engineering Staffing Firm?

    T.J. Newbie

      With the bad economy of the last few years and the rise in the unemployment level, many professionals found themselves out of work therefore creating an employer-friendly environment for recruiting candidates.

      Unfortunately for technically oriented businesses, finding talented engineers remain very difficult because of the ever increasing competition for gifted minds. The unemployment rate for engineers throughout the economic downturn has remained very low suggesting that most companies will not release their professionals unless they are going out of business. Adding the fact that only about 4.5 percent of all undergraduates come out of school with engineering degrees (National Science Foundation), the country is in an apparent shortage of engineering talent.

      To resolve this dilemma, many savvy business leaders have opted to use engineering staffing firms such as Exponent Link Group for talent sourcing and technical labor optimization.

      There are several reasons why outsourcing engineering recruitment could be really beneficial for your enterprise. Some of them are:

      • Cutting the cost involved in setting up an entire HR department required for the purpose of recruiting. 
      • Releasing your fulltime engineering staff to focus on core tasks such as growing your business. 
      • Getting exposure to highly skilled and career minded engineers. 
      • Eliminating overtime pay by using staff augmentation for seasonal or occasional peaks. 
      • Reducing training costs by employing already qualified engineers. 
      • Reducing benefits expenses and unemployment claims. 
      • Reducing the risk of hiring mistakes. 
      • And much more…

      Engineering outsourcing allows businesses to increase workforce and productivity while decreasing turnover. By asking current employees to work too many extra hours on lagging projects, you will badly affect your company bottom line by paying for overtime hours and also alienate your engineers who will eventually leave for better opportunities.