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    Is it time to grow into a brick and mortar store?

    Moderator Cath Guide

      Consider this: you had a great idea/product and after a lot of thought you decided to try to sell your product.  You began by selling to friends in your community.  They liked your product and encouraged you to create an online store, which you did.  You have been quite successful with your online business and have added other products which seem to be selling well.


      You've been content with your current situation.  But now friends are telling you that you need to have a brick and mortar presence in your community.  You feel as if you have enough funds to start up and have actually looked around and found a location that will work for you.


      Now the big question: what would convince you to venture out of your successful online business and create a physical location in your community?  What is that point that tips the scales and you sign the rental agreement for your own store?   I know that you all will have quite a few ideas - want to share them with us?