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Placing ads to get more visibilty

Warren Batiste Novice
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A few days ago I visited a website that had 5 ads in every section of the website imaginable. That got me to wondering. Why is it, website managers and owners think they're going to force someone to click on their ads by placing non related animated ads all over creation? Any good website admin knows he or she only need 1 - 2 ads max and they'll make plenty money as long as the ad is visible and not blending in with the other 500 pics on the website. Advice from the guru " Keep your website simple" you only need one ad and that's the 300x250 at the top right of your site. If you need and example.. just look at my blog

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    LUCKIEST Master
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    Welcome Warren, Go to "Profile" and share some info about yourself.


    Associations are as important as they are mysterious and unpredictable.

    Your mind makes associations that rule your behavior and the way you perceive ads.


    I agree with you " Keep your website simple"


    Not everybody goes along, LUCKIEST

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    Sophia_Myles Apprentice
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    Yes, a good website admin shiuld do his best to keep it simple. Too many ads can make a website really annoying.

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    Hello Warren,


    I think the usual though process behind so many ads would be that if one or two ads are good, slathering the whole site in ads must be even better!   Sure, it's a flawed thought but it doesn't stop some people from doing it anyway.  One or two well placed ads is fine but sometimes you have to show someone before they understand.


    Have a good day



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    LUCKIEST Master
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    Here are 3 content-creating strategies that will save time *and* deliver quality posts.


    (1) Use the Dear Abby Format.


    Remember Dear Abby and the old advice columns?

    They're still popular in magazines; even the staid old New York Times Magazine has an advice column, The Ethicist.


    (2) What's happening in the news?

    For many service professionals, articles and editorials offer the best opportunities to present your expert opinion


    (3) What's happening on the calendar?

    We just finished Super Bowl Sunday. Coming up next, you can look at Valentine's Day. Again, a lot depends your field.


    Finally, half the challenge of writing a post is coming up with an idea.

    When you use these tips you probably will have enough content for 2 or 3 posts on some days!

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    Mike Lee Novice
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    That's what I'm talking about! Keep it simple. Not to keen on the black but that's just me

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