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    Employee moving to Hawaii

    susan_s49 Newbie

      I run a business in Utah and sell educational materials out of Utah. If I allow my sales rep who conducts all business over the phone to continue to sell my product when he moves to Hawaii, do I need to get a business license in Hawaii? He will be connecting remotely to our servers and talking to our customers (nationwide) and simply working from home in a state other than the one my business is operating out of. I understand certain requirements Hawaii has, such as mandatory health insurance, but I am seeing conflicting information on this. Does any one here have remote employees that telecommute like this, and if so, did you have to obtain a business license in that state and pay sales tax on the product your employee sells?

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          Kyle Penland Adventurer

          Hi Susan,


          In my current business, we do work nationwide and also have "reps" nationwide.  We have been sent tax bills from Michigan as well as other states since we do business there to pay taxes on business income earned in those states.  However, we always work through this with the governments there.  In essence, you need a business license where the money is being sent to and deposited to. In a few words, No you do not need a license in Hawaii when no money is being sent to Hawaii.  However if you were to address your business as a Hawaii address and money should be sent to Hawaii, you would need a license to operate in that state.


          Hope that Helps!