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    Website Loading.

    smallbus01 Adventurer

      did you guys know that the speed of your website has a factor in SEO? just a random knowledge to share to others.

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          Hey there,


          That's interesting. How does website speed impact SEO?



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            Rainbowrite Adventurer

            I see it being talked about at these places:





            It seems Google added that to their checklist when it comes to ranking. Good to know, thanks! I honestly had no idea it was that important.

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              vinod1978 Adventurer

              Search engines don't look at the rendered page that your cusotmers see, it looks at the source code.

              You might have flash animations, or other things on your site that attribute to your size of your rendered page but search engines don't look at that - which is why Flash isn't a good thing to use if you care about SEO.


              Although Google does look at the site speed, it is not nearly as important as simply having the proper content available for a search engine to spider.

              According to Google's offical blog posting about this very topic less than 1% of search queries are affected, so I wouldn't worry about it toooo much. Now, that's not to say that load time isn't important. Customers spend between 4-7 seconds before they determine whether your site is going to provide what they are looking for - so it is important but not for SEO.

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                  I have heard this before and I would have to say it could be more important to SEO then you think.  Take a random flash game site for example, if you have nice fast load times, more people are going to like the site and tell friends about it.  The more friends they tell online, the more times the site is linked to on other sites.  That same site if it has slow load times isn't likely to get talked about much.  So while load time and quality of content may not directly influence the Google spiders, the ripples of them do.


                  Just a thought.



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                  izzy Wayfarer

                  I've realised that flash sites are not the best to access and hence they don't perform well on searches.


                  As for slow pages, of course they perform poorly since the customer will get feedup while waiting for it to load and just give up and vever visit that site anymore.


                  For small business is it important to get a light, well manered and designed site with clear information related to its subject etc.



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                    thirddd Scout

                    It's true, website performance does effect your Google ranking.


                    Website performance is especially relevant now that Google has rolled out the Panda update. The search engine algorithm update stresses user experience which basically means that anything related to how your site that effects a user's experiences is fair game, including site performance. In general, it's usually a good idea to buy web hosting services from companies that are reputable, have fast servers, and guarantee a 99.9% uptime rate. Internet users are very impatient. Most are only willing to wait 2-3 seconds for a website to load before they move on to the next page, thus the need for a website that performs great.


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                      Emmy Pages Adventurer

                      Sure, it has. Speed matters to Google and the users.





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                        Darren Hughes Adventurer

                        Absolutely. We don't know how much of an effect that it has, but we do understand that it is a factor.


                        When working with clients on SEO, we advice them to remove unnessessary components/code on the site and compress photos and other images.


                        Here is an interesting article on this very subject from SEOMoz

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                          alicenikolic Scout

                          Website visitors tend to care more about speed. If it responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. Now it has also become a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.


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                            The SEO Blitz Adventurer

                            Hi there,


                            the website loading time have a big impact on your search results in relation of your competitors (in SERPs) loading time


                            1. If you get a Top 10 position on google for keywords with high search volume, google knows that this will generate much traffic. After a google usability study (sorry i can't remember the link anymore) there is a massive break of user acceptance between loading times of 1.3 - 1.4 seconds. Remember, google claims to be the fasted search engine and also the results they provide. If you have high loading times already and become a Top Position which generates a lot of additional traffic, your webserver (backend structure) goes done and annoyed following visitors
                            2. It will be different if all e.g. Top 10 postions have high loading times. The loading time takes impact to your ranking in relation of your competitors in serp's. The border line is 1.5 sec. 0-1.5 sec = fast, 1.5-~2.4 = slow, and everything above ~2.4 have problems ...


                            How to check the loading time:


                            1. I stongly recommend to create a Google Webmaster Account ( here you can find your loading time how google see it
                            2. Webbrowser to check for yourself without webmaster account
                              1. Firefox Plugin: Firebug 1.9.1 shows you the loading time of each source (free Addon download) further you can download the Page Speed for Firefox addon from google (
                              2. In Google Chrome it's standard included in the Web Developer Tools (Options -> Tools -> Developer Tools -> Tab: Network). Additionally you can include the Page Speed Extension for Chrome (


                            Providing top quality for users is the #1 philosophy of google.


                            @Moderator_Jim ("So what's the best advice to keep your home page clean and fast loading?")

                            This have to be solved in the Backend. I recommend to contact your webmaster/provider if you're not one.


                            For Webmaster you can do the following:

                            • Optimizing caching
                            • Minimizing round trip times
                            • Minimizing payload size
                            • Optimizing browser rendering
                            • Minimizing round-trip times
                            • Optimizing Databases queries
                            • Implementing mod_pagespeed for Apache 2


                            Hope this was helpfully, if not, please let me know,

                            The SEO Blitz

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                              bigcloudmedia Adventurer

                              I think speed affects the user experience and therefore affects SEO due to more traffic being able to access the site at one time.  That being said I believe that speed is a secondary factor in SEO and definitely doesn't hurt your ranking.

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                                Darren Hughes Adventurer

                                @bigcloudmedia - This article by SEO company, Raven tools disagrees with you -

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                                    bigcloudmedia Adventurer

                                    Hi Daren,


                                    I am confused as to how this article disagrees with me. 


                                    Quote from said article:  "If your website takes longer than, say, 4 seconds to load, you’ll probably find that your bounce rate will be quite high and your conversion rate will certainly be suffering. There’s no doubt that this could be affecting your rankings. If that sounds familiar, then site speed should definitely be something to think about. With plenty of talk about usability metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, etc. being used as ranking factors, you start to see how site speed fits into the bigger picture."  -



                                    Your article confirms that issues with speed would affect the user experience and therefore would affect rank due to visitors bouncing etc.  Speed is still secondary to other factors such as content as described in the next quote from said website "That said, if your content’s crap, your page titles are all the same, you’re suffering from widespread duplication and have no backlinks – worry about those things first. If you’re up and running, converting nicely, getting some good traffic yet suffering from slower than average page load times, it might be worth putting your site through a tune up." -


                                    I am confused as to how this article disagrees with me.  If anything I think it confirms my statement that speed affects the user and therefore if the user doesn't want to visit your site due to speed, SEO is impacted since visits, repeat visits, etc. play a big part of SEO and Google's goal of providing relevant content in its results. 


                                    Please elaborate a little so I can understand better.

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                                    Darren Hughes Adventurer

                                    Perhaps I missunderstood. I thought your point was that a slow site speed does not affect PageRank, when in fact it does.



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                                      Moderator Berta Guide

                                      Wow, that's a lot of great information to take in. Thanks for posting everyone.



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                                        joshuawilson Scout

                                        Improving the speed of your website is important not only to users, but to search engine rankings as well. In April2011, Google has announced that they are now including website speed in their search ranking algorithms.


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                                            Craig Parker Tracker

                                            What's funny about all this is how much the Google Analytics script seems to slow my site down.  If you put the script near the top of your code, I guess it will definitely register as a hit, whereas someone might click out before it registers if the script is at the bottom.  Putting it at the top means it loads before the rest of the page; I've since moved it down.

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                                            Mark Albin Wayfarer

                                            Several very good points scripts do affect the SEO of your website. Google Analytics is the best SEO tool out there. If you need help with SEO look for a professional SEO firm that you can trust

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                                              unitedseogroup Newbie

                                              Website load time has a huge impact on SEO and internet marketing because it relates to site usability which is what google is all about. Great post. good discussion.