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    Mobile App Development

    ChicoMatt Wayfarer

      I am looking into having an app made but I don't exactly know how the entire process works and everything I need to get it to and maintain it in market. So basically my question is what is everything needed to get an app to market and also to maintain it. Both Apple and Android. No detail is too small. I know I will have to pay someone to develop the actual app but what are some other costs I can expect to incur? Do I have to have a website to have an app? Do I have to choose and register a domain name like I would a website? Basically anything you guys can think of would help me out. I don't want to dive right in without knowing what I am getting myself into. Thanks everyone.

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          chris1985 Tracker

          Hello, I don't believe you have to have a website to have an app but it doesn't hurt to have both. I have had some colleagues who have mentioned Vacava's Rapid Biz App development. I don't have any affiliation with them, I work for a bank but they have a number you can call and possibly get some of your questions answered. Good luck, and I'm sure some others will be able to help you more on here.


          Chris Hennen

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            The best way to go about this is to hire a app developer who has some experience in the field.  They should be able to sit down and talk with you about the various fees related to publishing an app.  I believe you do not need a website but you do need an e-mail address for at least the android side of it.   Also, from what I have see it takes longer to get an app published for iPhone then it does for Android so if you intend to have both you might want to start on the iPhone one sooner.


            Good luck!