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    Spent $15K and still watching TV

    prostarprofit Wayfarer

      My last job was a business coach people would pay between $15,000 - $20,000 on average. One lady I had spend $15,000 on every session I would tell my clients to be ready and at their computer.


      One lady I remember I called she was laying down watching TV. She sounded like she was half asleep she finally walked over to her computer turned her computer on.


      People go a series of 30 session at 30 min per session she wasted 15 min of her session. She spent $15,000 and still did not take it series and it’s not like she had money. This type of stuff happened all the time.


      My post yesterday asked people why they do not put into action what they learn if business I got some great responses.



      Chris Brown

        • Re: Spent $15K and still watching TV

          Are you asking why she would spend the money and then waste the time?


          Lots of people want to improve themselves but aren't motivated to do so.   It's easy to write out the check (if you have the money) for the class, but actually getting up and learning takes a drive and will to learn.  It would appear while she kinda wanted to improve, she didn't have any motivation to.  If she is set money wise, that could be a contributing factor towards not really having the drive.  After all, why push yourself if you are doing well?


          I hope that answers your question (if it was indeed a question)