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    Outlook in 2012

    LUCKIEST Guide


      Each month, I will reviews the market, analyzes trends and activities, and forecasts expectations for the near term.

      Here are some headlines my crystal ball and I will cover:

      • Economic Growth and Debt Deal Spur Rally
      • Difficult Quarter Creates Valuation Opportunity
      • Fundamental Strength Trumps Macro Uncertainty

        Market Resilient in Spite of Headwinds


      Maybe the Moderators and members want to join in.

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          CorpCons08 Ranger



          I am confused by this thread. Are you writing an article for the community, or is there a link to somewhere on the web where you have written something?





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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Never Invest in Anything That Eats or Needs Repainting

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              LUCKIEST Guide


              The old story of famine following feast has been well known throughout history; we also describes the world we live in today.

              For more than a decade, a host of players in the real economy – households,  financial institutions,

              government – reaped the benefits from debt fueled growth.

              Consumers continued to spend even as incomes stagnated, banks enjoyed a surge in profits by leveraging up balance sheets

              and governments expanded benefits and services at an explosive pace.


              More to follow, LUCKIEST

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                LUCKIEST Guide

                March   In addition:

                The U.S. profit picture better but hardly robust Keep in mind that support to equity markets from profits is waning.

                Fourth quarter corporate earnings season is nearly complete, with 93% of S&P 500 companies having reported results.

                Earnings growth rates remained relatively healthy during the last three months of 2011 with S&P 500

                expanding by 9-10% (year-over-year).

                But underlying trends and forward-looking guidance appear more troubling.

                4Q11 marked the first quarter in the current expansion with negative sequential earnings,

                which is particularly troubling, since the fourth quarter tends to be seasonally strong.


                More to follow, LUCKIEST

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                  LUCKIEST Guide

                  Two more facts.


                  Drivers are paying more at the pumps than they were just a few days ago.

                  Gas prices rose more than 7 cents this past week and almost 50 cents since Jan 2 of this year.


                  The job market continues to strengthen.

                  Employers are slowing slowing the pace of layoffs.



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                    LUCKIEST Guide

                    Fade in China, Made in America


                    Job gains and slowing layoffs


                    A slower China will dent global growth, but it could give the U S a boost.