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    Corporate Tax Network

    New_biz_owner Wayfarer

      I have just incorporated my businees and am looking for an accountant.  Has anyone had any experience with a company called Corporate Tax Network?  They contacted me after I set up my corporation through LegalZoom.  I tried to look up information and reviews on them but could not find helpful information.  They are charging me $1400 to prepare my business and personal return.  Is this resonable?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          New, knowing nothing about you or your business or what state you are in,YES it does sound VERY unreasonable



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            Vilnius Industries Tracker

            $1,400 is too much, unless you do one million per year in sales.

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              TampaGlassMan Newbie

              Did you use Corporate Tax Network?  I recently opened a new business in Florida and was contacted by them, also.  I am skeptical because I can find no further info on them. 

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                asghar Newbie

                I have the same question. I registered my small business through LegalZoom as well. After attending the Corporate Tax Network’s free online seminar, I had a scheduled one on one session with them today. First of all, the gentleman called about 10 minutes later than scheduled and he apologized for that. Basically he offered me the same thing, namely $1500 + $20 a month for the rest of 2012 and 2013. He said, with that they will help me with planning for my small business, I will have unlimited calls, help me with deductions etc. and CTN will file my taxes for 2012.  He said, in early 2014, if I want them to help me file my 2013 tax, then I need to renew my contract with them for $890. Most of the independent reviews regarding CTN I have seen on the web are negative. The only positive reviews regarding the CTN are listed in the LegalZoom’s web site. Anyone has any good experience with this company?

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                  AcctPracticeEx Adventurer

                  I'd suggest searching for 'your states' CPA society.


                  Browse the members directories and you will be able to find details of accountants who server your area.


                  Take a look at their websites and give them a call.  Not all accountants are the same so make sure you 'shop around' to find one that meets you are your businesses requirements.

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                    Stephen L. Nelson Adventurer

                    I'm going to share my pricing, since it'll help you place the quote you received into context.


                    For a corporate return without Schedule L, which is the balance sheet information, our standard price is $750. For a corporate return that does need Schedule L, our standard price is $1500.


                    Note that these prices assume we get a set of either ready-to-use financial statements (say your QuickBooks file) or something that's really pretty darn close to that. If someone turns in a mess or has special complications (like multiple state returns because the firm operates in more than one state), the price can go up.


                    In our case (and many CPAs and EAs would do this), when we do a corporate return, you also get a little bit of "free" customer support over the year. An email question or two... a quick phone call or two.


                    BTW, in my area (Seattle suburb), these prices are above average but not top end by any means...