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    Looking for experiance INVESTORS advice...

    HummerH2 Wayfarer



      My name is Ulises and I live in AZ.


      I need investors advice on what you guy are looking for when lend out money...

      I have a business that I want to start asap and need to be prepared so I can be ready for who ever want to be my investor.

      I believe I have all the answers they would ask me for but I want to know how I can put it together fore a proper presentation.


      Thank you so much for your time and hope to get good pointers.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Ulises


          The best presentation is a business plan.


          You can get great info online, or at the library.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            CorpCons08 Ranger



            When I am considering a business proposition for investment, I often times rely on reviewing the business plan, marketing plan, and the personal resume of the entrepreneur. The reason that I review the personal resume is because I want to see their work experience and educational background. I have had a lot of investment opportunities cross my desk where the business plan and marketing plan looked great, but the individual never had 1 day of experience in the business they were looking to start. That is a huge concern to an investor. I also will allow for a small presentation meeting, where usually the entrepreneur puts together a powerpoint presentation outlining their vision and how they will make it work with my investment dollars.


            I hope this information helps you in preparing yourself for potential investors.





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                HummerH2 Wayfarer

                Thank you so much.


                This give me an idea of what investor are looking for.


                I will do my homework on the business plan right away.

                As far as everything else, its just plug and play.

                I have a business management degree Plus two years of experience.

                Enough to make me not want to wait any longer. The more I wait, the more money I lose.


                Thank a lot to everyone.

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                myDealCompass Scout

                What sort of investment are you looking for? Debt or equity based investment? Will your business have inventory or other forms of collatoral? I have only ever had experience with equity based investments but would be happy to provide any feedback I can if you are willing to provide a few more details.


                All the best!