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    Is your workplace safe?

    Kacie Parker Adventurer

      Here are some questions whose answers can lead you to know whether proper safety measures are being implemented in a workplace.

      1. Is a fire extinguishing or suppression system in place and in working condition? Do employees know how the system works or the procedure to operate it? Are they aware of the immediate action to take, in case of a fire?

      2. Has the organization identified the risks to employee safety? Are employees aware of the degree of each risk and safety measures to take? Are employees aware of the risks in the processes they work in? (Applies to certain industrial processes which involve working with harmful substances or when the process execution involves risk.)

      3. Are the employees associated with such processes (where hazardous substances or heavy machinery is involved) given the right safety gear and training to fight the danger?

      4. Is there a threat to electric safety? Is the electrical equipment maintained and serviced? Are the employees working with electrical equipment given the training and gear to prevent electric shocks?

      5. Has the organization analyzed the risk of accidents? Are the employees aware of the risk areas? Are their accident risks covered?

      6. Does the arrangement of furniture and the seating layout in the organization cater to employees' comfort? Has ergonomics been given due consideration?

      7. Do the employees feel secure, physically? Has the organization taken measures to eliminate threats to the safety of its employees and their belongings?

      8. Are the employees insured against risk to life or risk of accidents in the workplace?

      9. Are all the safety and security threats identified and documented?

      10. Do employees feel safe at work?



      By Manali Oak