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    Employee Breaks


      As a small business owner, If you have employees who work so many hours a day, you have to give them a break.  During this break they can eat, text, whatever they want really which is fine.  My question is, as a business owner, would you allow a television and/or game consoles in the break room for employees to use on breaks?  Do you think allowing these would improve or worsen employee work ethic? Tell me what you think.



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          The ambiance of your break room can impact morale and motivation.

          Here are some employee break room ideas that will help you provide a place for your team to unwind and rejuvenate

          so that they feel energized and confident to face the remainder of the day.


          When considering what to do for your employee break room, ideas don't have to be all about flash and style.

          Sometimes employees need a place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the workplace.

          If you have a large break room, consider creating a quiet area where workers can go to read quietly,

          dim the lights to recover from a headache or perhaps take a little lunchtime nap.

          A couple of big comfy arm chairs or a cushy sofa with a simple reading light in a dark corner is ideal.


          Employee break room ideas should definitely contain some form of amusement.

          If you have a rather large break room and budget you might wish to bring in some big-scale pastimes,

          such as a television with a video game system, a pool table or a pinball machine

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            Kacie Parker Adventurer

            I agree. Employees do need to get away from work for a few minutes during the day. This helps them relax and recharge.

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              Clear Presence Media Scout

              From my experience, my clients usually see increased productivity with increased freedom. Give the employees some time every day to do whatever...say an hour. Trust me, they are probably wasting more than an hour during working time anyways. Giving them an hour at their choice shows that you trust them, and gives them an incentive to really be productive during working time. In that hour, why not let them bring in a game console? If that is how your employee unwinds best, isnt this what you want for him during break time? Or if one wants to nap for 30 minutes, and eat in quiet for 30 minutes? The goal is for them to feel like they have reset their minds, ready to go back to work. Let them show you how they do that best.


              Also, giving freedom in choosing what to do on breaks will weed out the irresponsible people at your company that cant handle things without direction and oversight. Not really the type of people you want around for too long, so that is also a plus.


              Hope this helps!