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    5 Tips to Boost Productivity

    Moderator Jim Ranger

      There's a new article up on employee productivity! You can read it here, then we'd love to hear your thoughts.


      What do you think of the article?


      Do you agree with the points presented?


      What are your top tips for boosting employee productivity?


      All thoughts are welcome!



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          Kacie Parker Adventurer

          The best way to boost productivity for me is to delegate tasks. The best option to effectively do that is through outsourcing. I am lucky to find an excellent outsourcing company to take care of graphic design, customer service, and photo editing tasks for our site. I'd be happy to recommend you guys if you need their services.

            • Re: 5 Tips to Boost Productivity
              LUCKIEST Guide

              Thanks for the tips. My thoughts

              The opportunity for business to improve and boost productivity is as simple as improving business systems and the efficiency of employees.

              Profits increase and hopefully improved cash flow.

              When you get down to basics, cash is a reflection of the way you run your company.

              Usually generating profit is a sign that business is working well.


              Happy New Year, LUCKIEST