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    Wedding Planning Service

    audrey.kkt Wayfarer



      We have started a wedding-planning service (partnership) few months ago. We have done the ads in the magazines and facebook account. We have distributed pamplets during some bridal shows. At the moment, we've already received some customers for the coming wedding season.


      We're targetting middle-class customers who wish to manimize the timing, costs etc.  So far, we have no staff!


      Please share your knowledge and we need advices on below topics.


      1) How to create demands (since demand is quite a few)

      2) what kind of marketing plan is the best for us


      Thanks for your time!

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. Would  like to help and answer your questions, BUT need more INPUT.

          Your profile says Business Type:Manufacturing/Production

          How does that relate to Wedding Planning.

          The more you share with us, the better we can help you with demand and marketing plan.


          Talk to us, LUCKIEST

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              audrey.kkt Wayfarer

              Thanks. LUCKIEST for the reply. Wedding Planning service is my side business in partnership with my friends. I am going to take care of "marketing" , the other two take care of sales & operation.


              Our services is to plan all wedding related service, like dress, make-up, hair-do, flowers, invitation card, give-away ,honeymoon trip, etc.


              This profile is for my new business to start-up, currently i m asking questions in SCORE (that you always suggest people to)

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              CorpCons08 Ranger



              Interesting question. How to create demand. Demand comes from a need. The higher demands come from limited supply. I guess you could dress as Cupid and shoot heart shaped arrows into the rearends of unsuspecting single people, but you may get arrested. Since we do not want to operate your business from behind prison bars, my suggestion is to work with sources around you, including churches (yes, they still do weddings, although most people don't have them there anymore), vineyards (very popular destination spot for newlyweds), and other local sources of wedding venues. Offer them a "profit" or "referral" for recommending your Wedding Planning services. You would be amazed at what the smell of money does to some people.


              As far as your Marketing Plan... It's simple, you want to build a Marketing Plan for Service-based companies. As you said, there are free resources for templates. Many times those are enough to get started. Otherwise, look into hiring a professional to build your plan for you. How great is it to let someone else do the worrying for you so that you can focus on what you do best, planning weddings!





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                This is a great business to be in. Event planning is always in demand. So long as your market isn't saturated and you get your name out there along with some reccomendations, you shouldn't have too much issue getting noticed! Good Luck!




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                    audrey.kkt Wayfarer

                    Thanks for the input Joleen! We are easily getting noticed but I still need to educate my target customers about advantage and benifits of hiring wedding planner. People here arrange wedding by their own or by relatives rather than hire a professional.  People can spend a lot of money but not on wedding planners yet.

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                        CorpCons08 Ranger

                        It's interesting that you say that Qiaohua. I worked with a client about a year ago, who was entering into the wedding planning business. Educating customers was a route that I took with her and we really got the business to take off quickly. So much in fact that she ended up having to hire several other people. If you decide to obtain the advice of a professional consultant, I would love to work with another group of wedding planners