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    Buying used computer for resell?

    evanx93 Newbie

      So i was wondering what would be the legal issues if i bought computers from people and then got them ready for resell?

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          What sort of legal issues are you concerned about? Liability for your work?





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            BizOptimizer Adventurer

            I don't think there are ANY SPECIAL legal considerations - just another business.  Recyclers and Computer repair places do it all the time.


            Good luck.

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              The only real legal liability I could think of would be that you would need to do basically a government wipe on the computer to ensure there isn't any residual imprints on the hard drives from the previous owner who might have harboured something illegal or inappropriate on the hard drive (unless, of course you entirely replaced the hard drive before reselling the unit). I think I would be a little miffed if I ended up going to jail because my PC was seized and traces of things I never had on there showed up and sent me to prison. Then there would be the issue of any OS (operating system) you installed as well as any other software you may wish to include on the machine pre-installed for the customer. The licensing for that would have to be legitimate. You can't just buy a single use copy of say, Windows Vista and use it on 20 machines or your customers could end up with faulty credentials if they ever needed to re-install the software. You would need multi-use licenses for any and all software you included on the machines in order to make sure the machines are running legitimate software. Lastly, I recently read a story where a woman purchased a used laptop that turned out to be stolen. Much to her surprise, the laptop was equipped with lo-jack and while she had intimate conversations and webcam sessions with her out-of-town boyfriend, the company surveilling the computers transmissions were monitoring everything and she ended up getting arrested. She claimed she had no idea the laptop was stolen and is now suing the tracking company for intercepting her naughty transmissions. I'm still waiting to see how that one turns out. So, with so many things that could go wrong and the dangers of buying a used PC, I think I would look into all facets, pros and cons before jumping in and starting such a business. Of course, I am not trying to discourage you but am cautioning you to be very careful to keep the business above board and build that trustworthiness that will be needed to turn sales.





              Good luck!


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                Witty_Frosty Adventurer

                Forgive me if your feeling being bogged down by me a little, I'm quite skeptical about this idea — since new comp hardwares are so cheap, will there be enough ppl that are willing to by used stuff?


                Not to mention the postsale service issue. For my own personal experience, used hardware, harddrive being a big part, tend to yield faulty results at the most unexpected circumstances.



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                  freeads Adventurer

                  i dont think there will be any problems in you doing this...people do this all the time on ebay, they buy used items cheap and then resell..its a wonderful business idea.


                  try finding cheap stuff on goodbuy, its a free ads site for UK only thou. best of luck