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    Business Travel: Making It A Little Less "Painful"


      There was a time when my husband and I first met that he had to travel for work quite frequently and suffice it to say, he hated it. Sure, he completely disliked having to be away from the family, eating out, staying in hotels and the seemingly endless delays and layovers but most of all, he tired easily of the airport "boredom". For a while, it seemed like business travel took a sharp decline but recently, the unsteady economy has seemed to cause an increase in our need to travel once again for business. Fortunately, airports have come a long way since then, becoming a lot more traveler friendly. Back then, one was lucky to find an outlet to plug a phone charger into and now they are plentiful, along with a host of other amenities to make the weary travelers time in the airport a little less painful to endure.



      From massage chairs to wifi, airports have become a mini-city unto themselves. But there are little tricks and tips that the savvy business traveler has at their disposal to make the whole travel experience work for them in ways some might not even think of. Steve Strauss has opted to share a few of his favorite tips in the article 6 Ways To Stay Business Savvy While Traveling. I'd like to hear from YOU! What little travel secrets do you have tucked away in your bag of tricks to make travel work for you instead of taking from you? Do you have any advice for those having to travel, especially around the holidays?



      My biggest travel tip is to just STAY HOME! However, sometimes that isn't an option!



      Wherever your business needs may take you, I wish you a safe, speedy, and most of all easy journey!




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          Interesting question. Honestly, there is no right answer to occupy your time at the airports. My briefcase contains my laptop, tablet, cell phone, mp3 player, and portfolio. Hopefully, one of those will keep me occupied and entertained until my flight, and even through my flight. I also enjoy people watching lol. Ever notice how crazy people act at the airport? It is like an endless supply of characters that either humor, embarass, or impress you. Ultimately, I agree, if you don't have to travel, stay home and enjoy your time with your families. If you are traveling like myself, please be safe, patient, and have a great trip.





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              I am an avid people watcher everywhere I go. I find it interesting to wonder where their journeys are taking them ... if it's a vacation, a business trip or some life event. My favorite things to see in airports are the military personnel ... especially the ones coming home after a long deployment. And when all else fails to entertain, there's always Angry Birds, right? lol



              Have a merry awesome holiday where ever your journey takes you!