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    Financing Options for Established Bakery

    Bakery King Newbie

      I'm the owner of a full service dessert bakery in Metro Atlanta. Want to move to a better location and wanted to know if anyone had any ideas for financing of 25k. Our business is 8yrs old but financials have been tight last 2-3 years, profits have been small. Great product, move to new location will help us compete for customers that will not come into our current location(due to surrounding businesses, older strip center)? Credit is fair.

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          phanio Pioneer

          Your best bet would be to look into a merchant cash advance (aslo called a business cash advance).  If your business accepts credit cards as payments from customers, then you could leverage your future credit card sales for cash today.  Let's say that you take in about $5,000 in credit card sales per month.  And, have done so for the last few years.  You could possible get an advance of up to $30,000 in working capital to help your business today.  Then, as you make future credit card sales, you would pay that advance back from a small protion of those sales.  Just like making a payment on a loan.  So, let say you pay back 5% of your future credit card sales each month.


          Out of the $5,000 you will make each month, you pay back towards your advance just 5% or $250 per month - still leaving your business some $4750 of those sales each month.


          If that is not possible, there are other types of working capital lenders - many that are non-bank but they require better than average credit scores.


          There are also micro credit loans that could provide up to $50,000 for an established business.  But, do know that these loans can take a while to close - like 5 to 6 months.


          There are also other non-bank lenders that will lend unsecured - but, do know that they charge very high interest rates - so, factor that into your cash flow to see if you can fessibly make those payments and still run your business.


          Lastly, don't shy away from asking your new landlord or potential landlord to work a deal with you that requires little up front from you and you only pay them as you make profits.  Many landlords in this sorry market are taking those types of deals just to get tenants in their buildings.


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            CorpCons08 Ranger

            Bakery King,


            Will you be leasing or purchasing the new business location?


            When you say that the financials have been tight, are we talking about a profit or loss?


            Do you have any other outstanding loans or leases for this business?





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              Hi Bakery King! You have received replies from two of our highest ranked community members which is a really great thing! If you have questions, these guys have answers! I hope you are able to return to the topic soon to provide more information so we can continue to help in any way we can!



              Phanio and Corp, I want to personally wish you and all of our community members happy holidays and thank everyone for being so generous with their time and expertise!