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    Unpaid invoices for repairs done-can we sell the item for the amount owed?

    gardengal Newbie

      My husband and I run a small engine repair business. We fix lawn mowers, weed wackers, leaf blowers and the like. We have several customers who brought in equipment to be repaired over the course of the summer, and as of today Nov. 12th, I have quite a few who still have not picked up their items or paid for the repairs. Most of the invoices are small amounts, ranging from $25 for a small item such as a chainsaw repair, up to a couple hundred for a tractor repair. I've called all of these people several times (about once a month), and heard many excuses such as they forgot, they didn't get their unemployment yet, etc. Some of these are repeat customers who, up until this point, have not been a problem and in fact have been good customers. We do have a sign posted in our showroom, stating that any items here longer than 30 days are subject to resale or disposal. My longest open invoice is for a weed wacker and that's been sitting here repaired for 162 days. Can I in fact sell a customers' item for the amount of the bill owed? I was considering sending each person a letter stating that they have 10 days to pick up or it will be sold. I know this is probably more a legal question, but was hoping to get some assistance here. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.