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    need some help with funding for  coummunity programs

    s and s fitnes Newbie

      I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and have loved helping people become healthier versions of themselves; I would like to reach many more low income community resisdents that can not afford fitness memberships or training. Does anyone have any advise for me? I have tried the grant route and so far have come up empty!



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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Hi Sasha, I have some great advice and many great ideas to help you.

          It would help me and the community to know more about you and your plans.

          Go to PROFILE and share some info.

          Where are you located?? How soon will you be starting??

          Have you started working on a business plan??

          What have you done to market your business.


          The more you share, the better our answers.


          Good luck, LUCKIEST

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            Hello Sasha,


            You could always try to run a fundraising campaign.  As long as you can show it's for a good cause and how it would benifit the community, I'm sure people would be willing to donate.  You could also try to get sponsers from local businesses.


            Just a couple ideas, hope they help.



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              phanio Pioneer

              Grants are probably out of the question - although there are some grants that could help a little - but they take work.  Pepsi is offering a "love your business" grant where you create a profile and if enough people vote for your business - you could get a small grant.


              Another option might be to find a Community Development Corporation (CDC) in your area and see what resources they might have.  Your local SCORE office or SBDC can direct you in finding your CDC.


              Lastly, visit your chamber of commerce and see if they know of any community or civic groups that you could partner with.  One of these organizations might be willing to partner with you for the program you suggest and then raise money through their efforts to fund it.


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                gerontologyadv2 Adventurer



                If you are looking for grants it will be very hard as you have found out. National grants have a lot of competition and will be more attentive to organizations they have worked with before. You can look in your local area and look at the celebrates in the area. I know an organization that got a grant from a local golf celebrity. You can visit corporate headquarters for major businesses in your area. They are more likely to give if there is a personal connection. Join business, community and local organizations. IF they know you they will be more likely to care. Motorcycle and car organizations are fantastic. They do rides and group events to help many organizations. Do not forget. Recognize those who help you. Give trophy's, Plaques, pictures with personal thank you. They will remember you when you come to see them again.