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    Business loan

    danieloni Newbie

      Need help to get business loan

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Tell us more. What kind of help do you need to get business loan??

          What kind of business??

          How large a loan?? and for how long??

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            CorpCons08 Ranger

            What we know about you...


            a) You need a business loan.

            b) You are in the healthcare field.

            c) You are located in California.


            This is a start, but if you want expert advice we are going to need a lot more information than that.





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              Hi and welcome to the community! It's great to have you here and hopefully you will find the advice you are looking for. As Corp stated, if you want expert advice you are going to need to provide more information. As I am sure you know, there are many different scenarios and situations in the world ... way too many to guess ... so the community cannot predict the correct answer for your situation. The best advice is based on knowledge of the facts. Help us help you by providing as much information as you are comfortable with. Just remember to follow the Community Guidelines and do not post any personally identifying information such as email addresses, phone numbers etc. in your posts. That information can be kept in your profile and your profile linked to in a post. This is for your protection and privacy. Also, please note, while the SBOC allows members to request assistance on how to obtain financing and/or other financing alternatives, this is not the place to request a loan or ask for funding.



              All the best,



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                jeneliapeterson Wayfarer

                For business loans, you need to collect data that shows bankers how responsible you are, so build a small credit history.

                You need to have certain documents like proof of identity, proof of signature, proof of income, proof of residence etc.

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                  palmfanatic Wayfarer

                  There are a number of things you will need to improve your chances of getting the loan.Things such as a business plan and as one of the above posters said a good credit history , personal as well as business