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    Online Webstore

    fitforlife Wayfarer

      - Do you know that if you are a buiness owner you can sell the products for Bestbuy, Dell, Dick's and much more and get profitout it?

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          Rainbowrite Adventurer

          Are you referring to dropshipping? If so, then yes, it can be a lucrative busines if marketed right.

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              Scotte68 Newbie

              He May be referring to Internet Marketing.  Something like this site.  Harley Davidson Superstore.   Note all of the disclaimers in the footer. 



              If you enjoy writing and sharing your experiences with others (blogging), then you can market products that you believe in or have used.

              Those stores mentioned above probably offer affiliate programs through companies like Commission Junction or Linkshare. 


              To earn money, simply apply for the affiliate program and (if accepted) then market the products you use or like.

              If a visitor to your site clicks on a link that goes to the store and they purchase something, then the website owner earns a commission.


              NOTE - The FTC has tightened the screws on Viral Internet Marketing (Thank God) and Internet Marketers are required to post disclaimers about their material relationships with other companies.  


              If anyone decicdes to get into Internet Marketing, be sure to follow the rules.





              Maricopa Minutes

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              Hello fitforlife,


              I had heard of something like that.  Perhaps you could explain how it works?  Is a business that anyone could learn?  Is it a viable work at home option?  Please tell us more about this, it sounds rather interesting.