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    diggdugg Newbie
      I'm currently shopping for an inventory system for my store, what are some of the more popular software solutions that people go with?

      I was thinking something like quickbooks? or Fishbowl? Anyone have any other preferences of things that work well for their store?

      Do any of the solutions you use allow for you to export an excel spreadsheet or another database of your inventory data?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Who r u?? Go to Members page and share some info.

          I love Quickbooks.
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              Craig Parker Tracker

              MySQL or PostgreSQL based systems are fairly easy to talk to when you're trying to get data in and out.  I just recommended OpenBravoPOS in another thread, I'll do it again here.


              One thing I forgot to mention in the other thread though...  Someone was once having trouble with MySQL dropping connections over a WAN. He set up TinaPOS (the pre-precursor to OBP) to run on top of PostgreSQL because it didn't have the same network connectivity issues.  You might consider running your app on Postgres as well if you're a multi location operation.


              This issue might have been fixed in MySQL; it's been about five years since I talked to that fellow.  I'm a little nervous about MySQL's future since Oracle bought it, so I'm wondering if I should get more familiar with postgres anyway...


              I've heard QB gets wicked slow if you're company's file gets very large.  I think I heard 50megs is about when trouble starts.  I do not know what kind of data you have to be creating to grow the file at what rate.  Sounds bad though.

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              kamal Newbie

              I suggest you to review Chronos estockcard inventory software. this software is very user friendly and also easy to use. Its give you more control for your stock inventory.


              This software allowing you to export your data from database to various format such as excel, pdf, text and etc. its also have import function to insert your data from excel format into the system. 


              you can download its at . Its much help me and my staff to monitoring & tracking our stock and also reduce our claricle work . Hope you can try it also  .

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                Mac Rozer Adventurer

                I own a small size company. We are using hosted Fishbowl Inventory management software for inventory control along with our QuickBooks accounting software. For us, hosted Fishbowl Inventory management software has proved to be an excellent solution. Moreover, by availing hosting service, using this software has been pretty easy and trouble free. Fishbowl's Table data may be exported into Excel. If you currently track your inventory in Excel, Access or another third-party system, you can import your data directly into Fishbowl. Fishbowl’s import feature allows you to bring in part lists, details, quantities, locations, vendors, customers, and more.

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                  Craig Parker Tracker

                  I've just started an Openbravo journey, going to see if it will work at a lumber yard.  I'll keep you posted if you like.  I also ran into OpenERP (used to be TinyERP) and Tryton (a fork) whilst looking at others.  All three run on PostgreSQL; the latter two are written in Python.


                  I just realized the date on your initial question.  Are you even still looking?

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                    Clear Presence Media Scout

                    My clients usually use QuickBooks. If your goal is to eventually sell your company, I would say QuickBooks is a good choice. Everybody is decently comfortable with it, it has extensive community to support it, and its constantly updated. These are all pluses in the mind of a potential bidder on your business.


                    Hope this helps!