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    Buying Dvd and Blu ray movies

    jlmcorvo36 Newbie

      I am running an online business selling movies, but I don't know a respectful wholesaler to buy movies from. Can anyone help me, please I have
      spent months navigating online without good luck. I have lost money because many so called wholesalers have sold me bootlegs.
      Please help.


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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          Sad to say, there aren't a lot of leads out there for this. Even the eBay sellers in bulk are often dealing it bootlegs (if they're from China, they're bootlegs). One suggestion until you find a supplier is to go on eBay and search for DVD and Blu Ray "LOTS." Sometimes you'll find regular people who have to liquidate their collections for whatever reason (and as we approach the holidays you'll see more and more of them as people are doing anything for Xmas money). If you can keep out of a bidding war and keep your margins low you can come away with some great deals if you're just building up inventory. Also, before it gets colder, hit estate sales and yard sales. You'll be surprised what you can find in great condition just to build up your inventory until you do find a supplier.





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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Interesting answer JimF


              Yes garage and estate sales are a great place to find everything.

              With people out of work or needing extra cash, garage sales are growing again.

              And as you said "You'll be surprised what you can find in great condition" at sales.


              Another source is public libraries. Most libraries have book sales. Included are DVD, VCR tapes etc.


              Jim36, You are not in business to lose money

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                  While these suggestions are wonderful ideas to find used DVDs , where do you get new in bulk to sell?

                  I'll bet answers can be found at the websites of the various distributers such as Mirimax and 20th Century Fox ( or whatever they call themselves anymore) .

                  Also , how do you compete with the likes of rental businesses like Netflix and Red Box?  Why buy when it's so convenient to rent?


                  jlmcorvo? Have you researched this angle?  I'm going to be waiting on answers . This is a very good question!