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    Funding for non profit teen pregnancy home

    mrsdailey Newbie

      How do I find businesses that want to donate to a non profit organization? I am starting a teen pregnancy home and need financial support to get started and keep it going. This is something that will help change many lives and give girls a second chance and a pro life alternative to abortion.

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          Hello, if you are trying to find business that want to donate to such a project, your best best is going out and talking to them directly.  They will want to meet the person who they are donating to and see what your plans are so they know they are donating to a worthy cause.  Go out in your closest city and start knocking on doors.  Get anyone else on the project to work on finding people too.  Start a Facebook page to get the word out and with the help of people spreading it around you may get people starting to offering without being asked.  


          It all starts with you asking in person though.


          Good luck!



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Good answer Paul. I would like to know more about mrsdailey.

              Her background, her plans, her location.

              There is a difference between donation to a non profit ( is it up and running??) and financial support.

              Maybe mrsd can share MORE.

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                  mrsdailey Newbie

                  It is not up and running yet. My plan is to obtain the funding and have the home under my church. I am looking into some government grants for housing, but have been told by other homes in my state (Washington) that their support comes from donations and fundraisers. This is my first time starting any kind of "business". I am a stay at home mom and this is something I have always felt I was suppossed to do. I have a heart for youth and more specifically pregnant teenage girls. I have specific ideas for what I want the home to be like and how the general day to day life for the girls living there will be. The main goal for the home is give the girls a second chance at life, giving them all the support and knowledge we can for them to go back out into the world and be successful in all areas of their lives.