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    In need of help starting my own clothing line...

    BusinessStudent Wayfarer

      Good afternoon, I am a 20 yr old college student majoring in business administration with fresh ideas for clothing designs that market my age group.  I already know how to create a business plan I just need information and help putting my thoughts and ideas into action. I strive for uniqueness and excellence please if there is anyone who could help it would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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          phanio Pioneer

          Some suggestions:


          Ask your professors - they should be more than willing to help you with your business plan.  If you are taking a marketing class - ask a marketing professor.  If you need help with the accounting and financing, ask an accounting or finance professor - You get the point.  You have a wealth of information and resources right where you are at.


          Get out in your community and find other businesses like the one you want to start.  Ask them how they did it and try to get an insider's view.  Some will not talk to you - but, many will.  People love to talk about themselves and their business.  Tell them it is a college project.


          There is member here that goes by 'thesologuide' - his name is Doug.  Doug can help you.  He is the best that I know.


          Lastly, very hard to provide general help in a forum.  But, if you have specific questions, we would be very glad to help you.

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