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    LLC I am Partner in - Hiring me as employee

    Puffy Newbie

      Hi all,


      At the beginning of 2011 my Partners and I have established an LLC in Delaware which develops an ecommerce platform.

      We are 4 partners and only one of us is a US ciziten, the rest are Foreign. I am one of the Foreign partners.

      Currently we are in the stage of development of the ecommerce website.

      The management of the LLC is done on the web using virtual communication methods (Skype, emails etc), we do not have a physical official office (we do have a register agent address)

      When the development of the website is finished the LLC would like to establish an office in the US. The LLC will need  a person who is familiar with the website system to hire people and manage the LLC on a daily basis.

      In order to do accomplish this the LLC would like to hire me as an employee in the US so i will be able to manage the LLC and get payed as an employee.

      Since I am foreign and do not have any legal working rights to work in the US, if the LLC files a request for a working visa for me (H-1B maybe?) there might be a problem since i partially own the LLC.

      Long story short, the LLC i partially own would like to employ me (ask for a working Visa for me).

      The question is:

      1.Considering the LLC is formed and existing.

      2. I am one of the owners of the LLC.

      3. I am Foreign

      A. Is it legal for the LLC i partially own to hire me?

      B. Can the LLC ask for a working visa for me? or maybe there are other solutions?

      C. if yes then how is this done?

      D. Is there any difficulty in the fact that the working visa request will be filled by one or all of the LLC partners (which of course include my signature)?

      My Education: M.Sc Mechanical Engineer.

      Thanks a lot  in a advance!