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    want to start a competitive social network site.

    dreams2reality Adventurer

      I know how I want the site to operate. I know how to make the site grow. My main purpose is to get traffic. Eventually profit from advertisements.


      I do not have even basic knowledge on how to start and maintain a website. Especiallly of the cailber I'm proposing. I am looking for someone with the capabilities or connections to help me make this happen.


      I am very confident that if started correctly this site will be successful.


      I also need advice on how to make sure that this idea cannot be stolen from me.

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          Paraday_Comm Navigator

          Hello D2R~


          Well, get ready for a wild ride! I would be interested in speaking with you with regard to your Social Network venture. In Addition to advertisements, you are missing it a little with regard to what is referred to as, Business Intellegence. This is the information that your user's provide to you; I.e., male/female, age, likes/dislikes and much more information. Sponsors pay dearly for target marketing specific groups and ultimately your Social Network's value will be based around the Business Intellegence that you are able to garner from your userbase.


          I have been working online since 1996, have been involved in multi-million dollar purchases of clients web properties and there is very little that I do not understand and from first-hand experience. Here is one example of one of the sites that I consult to the owner of on a regular basis:


          I am additionally working with several major sports entities to plan their Social Networks as well. Feel free to reply here so that we can continue communicating further. After you've have a level of comfort, let's speak. Thanks and best of luck!

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            If you are going to make a social networking site, you need to find a way to make it different and unique to have it become successful.  You need to be careful what you choose to be different though, since look at Myspace, they went towards a more music type site and are floundering.  The standard social site is covered by Facebook, open source by Diaspora, and search engine integrated by Google +. 


            So before you go any further with this idea, come up with what will make your social network different then the others and make people want to use it.


            As to not having your idea stolen, have the people working on it sign contracts is about the only thing I can think of.  That, and copyrights.


            Hope this helps



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                dreams2reality Adventurer

                Thank you ModPaul,


                     Thanks for the reply. All information and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I am more than positive that I have the "uniqueness" covered. A successful operating layout has already been established by other networking sites. But, my plan on how to grow the site, make it entertaining, and keep users involved is completely different from anything that is out there. There are only 2-3 people that I have expressed full details of the site to. They are only close friends. None are buisness proffesionals by any means but all agree that this is very original and interesting.


                As far as proctecting this plan, I also agree the only thing I can do on my current budget is have a written agreement with those I share it.