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    starting a website

    jcbradley3 Newbie

      I am interested in starting a free but profitable dating and relationship advice website.  How do I go about this?

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          Rainbowrite Adventurer

          The easiest way would be to start a site using Wordpress. Will it be in blog format? Will your readers fill out a form with their questions?


          To make it profitable, you can display Google Adsense ads or sell your own ebooks loaded with valuable dating advice. You can also promote other related ebooks as an affiliate.


          Basically, you'd do this:


          • Buy a domain name (for starters, Namecheap sells them)
          • Buy a hosting plan (Hostgator is excellent for Wordpress and have month-to-month plans)
          • In Hostgator's control panel, install Wordpress in less than 3 minutes
          • Use a premium theme (Themforest) or a free one


          From there, you can start adding your content. You'll also want it to be SEO friendly, and there are plugins that can do this. I suggest All-In-One SEO. Determine what your main keywords are and make sure they're defined in the plugin.

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            phanio Pioneer

            Please explain "free" and "profitable" - both are not usually used in the same sentence!


            You need to focus on your customer - who is it that will be using your site?  Why should they come to you?


            Then, as your traffic grows (and it will take time and a lot of effort on you part) - look to creating a revenue model - either getting current free users to upgrade to a premium servie for a fee or via advertising or affilliate links.


            But, it all starts with providing something that people will come to your site for - something unique and something that is valuable to them.


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              Jean is advice is what I would say too, but it's not free.  You will find it hard to make money off of something free, but not impossible.  Often webhosts will have a deal for a year for the price of a normal month.  I know siteground does that, hostgator might. 


              If you do want to start it absolutely free though, wordpress provides free hosting although what you can do on a [yoursubdomain] site is limited compared to having your own hosting.  Basically I would advise the following steps.


              Step 1 -> get a free wordpress subdomain and start posting quality content

              Step 2 -> Get advertising.  It might be hard to get adsense but you can try something like adBrite.  Make sure the ads are tasteful and not to intrusive.

              Step 3 -> Once you start getting some ad revenue, buy a domain and route it to your wordpress subdomain.

              Step 4 -> Once you earn even more, then buy real webhosting and move your wordpress blog to it.


              Eventually you are going to have to pay some to earn money, but at least this way maybe it will be cost effective.


              Good luck


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