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      I am new here.What can some  one tell me about the franchise model? I recently became affliated with an on line firm and am wondering whether this is the best route to go?

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          PiperE Wayfarer



          Your questions are extremely general. What do you want to know about the fanchise model? A legitmate franchise will require a good amount of cash. Provided that you do your homework and select a successful franchise, the benefit is that you buy into a proven business model. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, it is almost completely turnkey.


          As far as your vague reference to an online firm, what does that mean? You say you are afiliated, in what way? I am guessing you are referring to affiliate marketing. But it is very unclear what you want to know.


          If you can ask some concise questions, perhaps the community will be more willing to address them.

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            Welcome to the community N G! 

            Be sure to let us know when you find your solution. It might help others with similar questions. Piper is right . Giving more details will help others know what you are asking so you get the broadest range of answers from our diverse and very knowledgeable community members!



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              I too am new here. I am in the process of joining a franchise myself and it is great. I guess it depends on what type of franchise. Some are very expensive while others are not too expensive. Let me know how it goes.Good Luck