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    Funding For Start Up Clothing Company

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      Hello to everyone who stumbles upon this discussion. I am new to this site so I am not really sure what to do other then to start this discussion up. I am a start up clothing company called Urban Fame Clothing. I am looking for funding options but always end up hitting a wall with my efforts. I am not sure anymore where to look. I am a further forward then a start up company, I have a website ( I have some products already made, I am an LLC and I am selling in a store front this summer in Brooklyn NY. However I am having trouble getting off the ground since i been the sole person funding this company. I am unable to do what i truely need i.e. photoshoots, more products, trade shows, advertisement, and create my new season lines. I need to sell out my items to make the next seasons but by that time I will already be behind. I have a large audience who are anticipating the release of my online store and want to buy my products. I am receiving great feedback and alot of traffic but I am having trouble making my next step. If anyone has any suggestions as where i can go to try and get funding, start up money or even angel investors that would be great and appreciated so much.


      Thanks to all.


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