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    Alternatives to QuickBooks


      I'm looking into alternative to QuickBooks and have found a few solutions that look promising.







      Does anybody have experience with these tools or have any others they recommend for a small businesses/sole proprietor?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          I use Quickbooks and yes there are others.

          It like how one decides what brand of computer or car to buy.


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            MrWHY Adventurer

            I have yet to try However, Peachtree is an excellent program. It's really better than quickbooks in controls and integration with excel or any other flatfile program.

            Gnucash is more like a striped down version of Quickbooks and Peachtree. You may want to really learn your accounting before you use this program, because it's not very user friendly compare to the others. However, GnuCash is free and is updated regularly. So you can't beat that compared to selling put $400 clams every year for some of the retail software.

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              mbsbookkeeping Wayfarer

              You may also want to give MoneyWorks a try -

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                I have found that some programs offer features I want and many that I don't use or won't need while others offer different features I also like, again with inclusions that aren't for me. I have yet to find one that wraps up everything I like and need into one nice little package without all of the things I don't want or use and probably never will. The solution is to figure out what each program offers, decide which features you will definitely need/use, prioritize those from most to least important and then to choose the program that offers the most features you desire starting from the top of your priority list and working down. You have named some of the more well known but there is also PostBooks which is a free alternative to QB. I have heard others mention things like MYOB & Quicken, but I do not know enough about either of them to elaborate. I hope that helps some!



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                  SAFEGUARD Wayfarer

                  I have used Microsoft Money for many years. Unfortunately it is no longer available for purchase. They do have a replacement software called Money Plus Sunset Deluxe (Free download). I use Microsoft Money for Accounts Payable and Reports. It is very easy to use and my accountant is very happy with the reports it generates. It can be used for multiple businesses & for personal accounts.

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                    Christy Newbie

                    I am a small business owner. My company is availing Peachtree hosting service from an application hosting and cloud computing service provider. This hosting service provider delivers hosted Peachtree application over the Internet. Using hosted Peachtree financial software, provides several benefits. Installation, operational, and maintenance costs are met by the host. Therefore, a small company does not require an in-house IT staff. This saves a lot of money. Host provides free and unlimited technical support, complete security, and robust data backup as a part of its software hosting service. I also got heavy discounts from this company. I am getting almost one hundred percent uptime for my hosted Peachtree.