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    S-corp, Hiring an IT consultant on W2

    spruce2011 Wayfarer

      Good Afternoon,


      I have started a S-CORP( Maryland) company and now I would like to hire an IT consultant on W2. Any one has any checklist to make sure I am not missing any procedure/law.


      Your help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,

        • S-corp, Hiring an IT consultant on W2
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome and good afternoon. It is great that you started a company and are ready to hire an employee.

          Do you have a Federal I D Number?? How about an accountant??

          As an accountant, I could write a book about employees and check lists.

          You can get lots of info on line. So tell us what you know. Then we can add to your checklist to make sure you are following procedures.

          Good luck

            • S-corp, Hiring an IT consultant on W2
              spruce2011 Wayfarer

              Thank you for your reply. Yes, I got Federal ID , State, and Unemployement Insurance ID.


              I ran payroll for my self this through BOA. So, now I am hiring an IT consultant and he has EAD visa to work legally.


              I think I have to ask him to fill W4, I9 FORMS, is there any other things that I should notify any one or submit any documents ? do I need workers comp insurance ? if so who is the best one ?


              Thanks again.