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    Regulations for Home Bakery

    JustEatCupcakes Newbie

      Can anyone help with understanding the regulation side of operating a home bakery?  Okay, I know that's a loaded question!  I'm in Ohio and am struggling with understanding the rules and regulations, it can be pretty overwhelming!  I have recently caught the cupcake bug and am interested in operating a bakery business out of my home.  From what I can tell by trying to read through the Department of Agriculture's information, without falling asleep, it seems that since I have cats I won't be able to be licensed to bake out of my home.  This is extremely disappointing.  Since I am in no position to operate a bakery in a traditional setting, I am looking into other options that might be available to me.  Would I also not be eligible under the "Cottage" law I keep hearing about because of pets in the home too?   I have seen advice given out to work out a deal with an established commercial kitchen (like a catering company or even a local church) and pay them to use their space.  How would that arrangement come into play when I apply for a license? Does the commercial kitchen have to be involved in that process with me somehow?  I think I read that if I were to be licensed to bake out of my home I'd be subject to inspections (unscheduled?).  If I had an arrangement with a commecial kitchen, what kind of accountability would I be subject to/responsible for?  How does that ultimately affect liability?  I guess I could/should contact the Department of Agriculture directly, but I am afraid I would not get a person willing to take the time with me to help me find solutions / options, or help me just understand everything.


      Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated!