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    Retail or  Wholesale????

    fashiongirl Newbie

      I am interested in buying an existing business in fashion. Currently i am trying to decide between a clothing boutique or a clothing line. Both have been in business for 5 to 9 years. The boutique indicates sales of 500k p/year, with 2 part-time employees. The Clothing line indicates sales of  1million per year, and has 5 employees. I have never run either type of business. My background is in Marketing and Sales, I do have some idea of the industry, my parents had a small manufacturing business in the 80's and I practically grew up in showrooms and clothing factories, but I never got into the business.  I am determined to break into this business. I was hoping to take over the boutique, then slowly start my clothing line. But now I have been presented with the possibility of a clothing line which is already somewhat branded and profitable. Obviously I will need to review financial information on both, I just need input from people who know this industry and can give me advice, and/or some clarity on what I'm getting myself into. Thank You.......FG

        • Retail or  Wholesale????
          anitaflood Newbie

          I would go with the clothing line do be afraid retail is the best. You may need more help but in the long run you will be more satisfied.

          • Retail or  Wholesale????
            phanio Pioneer

            The choice is really a personal one - both will take a lot of work - not just in selling but in the entire management.

            This should also be a financial one - which opportunity provides the greatest return for the costs.

            I would suggest you find  SCORE office or SBDC and sit down with them and go through the pros and cons of each.

            Also, it would seem that you have a wealth of resources right there in front of you.  If they can, tap your parents for all the information you can.  You could even hire them on as consultants to make them feel more apart of the company as well as to ensure a separate between parent and child.  SCORE or a SBDC can also provide specific guidance.

            In the end, the choice has to be yours - some people strive in retail - others do better away from the public.