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    Analyze Efficiency In the Office

    Timesheet Wayfarer
      Keeping track of the time your employees spend on specific projects can
      help you determine the value of a given task or even a given employee.
      Tracking project time can be valuable in the office for both the
      manager and the employee.

      1. Pinpoint Favoritism: Monitor how much time an employee spends on given tasks. Are they neglecting some tasks and favoring others?
      2. Reminders: Setting \\ up specific projects can act as a reminder for the various duties an \\ employee needs to attend to throughout the week. It's easy to get \\ caught up in a project and by Friday realize that nothing else was \\ accomplished.
      3. ROI: Decide if a task is worth pursuing. \\ Now that you know how many hours are being devoted to a particular \\ project, and how much you're paying for it, are you seeing return for \\ that time?
      4. Performance: Obtain a realistic portrayal \\ of your employee's performance. Are they accomplishing as much as they \\ should be or are those hours being wasted? Now you will know how many \\ hours it takes an employee to do a certain task. Is it reasonable?

      Using a software to track project time isn't just for freelancers and
      contractors. Although they require a special system that allows them to
      add time to various categories throughout the day, the same tool can be
      very useful for small business owners as well. Keeping track of what your
      employees do throughout the day can help you analyze the efficiency of
      your business. With a project time tracking software like
      you can set up projects such as telemarketing, filing, writing
      proposals. Then, you can have your employees add time to those projects
      throughout the day or week whenever they spend time on those duties.