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    How do I buy high-end merchandise BEFORE I open my store??

    luxxboutique Newbie
      I am in the process of opening a high-end womens boutique in Southern Rhode Island, and I am having trouble buying the merchandise. I have called all of the sales reps for every brand I plan to sell in my store and they all keep telling me that they need pictures of my open store and 3 months of sales under my belt before I can buy from them....How on earth do you open a boutique without merchandise to sell in it???

      I am positive there are loop-holes or secrets to getting around this because several boutiques with similar merchandise have opened in my state recently, I am just not sure where to begin. I am frustrated because I have put a hold on everything else (signing the lease for my space and starting my build-out) because I cannot find a way to buy the merchandise wholesale before opening my doors.

      Has anyone been through this before? Is there any advice you can give me??