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    Want to design a logo? Don't make these 12 mistakes...

    sjgraphics Wayfarer

      A company sets itself apart by having a unique and memorable logo. Creating one isn't as easy as it sounds though. Don't fall victim to these common design mistakes:


      1. Too many fonts. Only choose one or two at the most when designing a logo.
      2. Choose the right font. Take your time experimenting with various fonts until you find the right one.
      3. Keep it simple. Don't make it too complex or abstract.
      4. Don't rely on special effects or color. It needs to work in black and white before it can work in color or add special effects.
      5. Don't use raster images. Only use vector graphics when designing a logo.
      6. No Monograms. Companies only shorten their names to a monogram after they've been around a long time and are well established.
      7. Don't use visual cliches. We've all seen it, a light bulb used for a "bright idea". Try to stay away from those types of cliches when designing your logo.
      8. Don't copy someone's design. If you see a design you like, don't copy it. Try to improve on it.
      9. Don't let your client run the show. You're the professional. They are coming to you for your expertise.
      10. Limit the designs you present. Don't overwhelm your client with too many choices. Keep it down to 1 to 3 designs.
      11. Keep it clean. Make sure your artwork is clean. It may be blown up on the side of a bus or large building. You want to make sure it is crisp and clean no matter what size it is.
      12. Deliver the right file. Give your client 4 high-quality files per logo design - spot-color file, pure CMYK, pure black, and pure white. They should be in EPS, TIFF and JPEG formats.


      It's always best to apply the K.I.S.S. theory when designing logos. (Keep It Simple Stupid)