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    Medical Expense Tax Question

    amspcs Ranger

      Elderly mother-in-law thankfully is financially able to take care of her own medical bills and expenses.  But we, as primary caretakers (wife is POA) spend lots of time and gasoline

      providing transportation to and from doctor appointments, not to mention to/from her independent living facilities to provide required assisance with her medications.

      My queetion is:  Are any of these transportation expenses deductible?

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        • Medical Expense Tax Question
          jkbcpa0724 Newbie



          In order for the medical expenses of the mother-in-law to be deductible by you, you would have to have provided more than 1/2 of her total support. (Unless there is a Multiple Support Agreement in which case you may be able to claim them).


          James K. Bullard, CPA

            • Medical Expense Tax Question
              amspcs Ranger

              Mr. Bullard,


              Thank you for the explanation.  We do not support more than 1/2 of her total support.  But, there IS a Care Contract in place, drawn up by an elder care

              attorney some years back.  Not sure if this is what you referred to as a "multiple support agreement'".  Will this suffice and enable us to deduct transportation

              expenses and whatnot?  Thank you.

            • Re: Medical Expense Tax Question
              hconnections Adventurer

              Hi amspcs, I am a 20-year veteran Tax Professional and there are several qualifications to determine whether or not you can write off these expenses on your tax return. First let me say that medical expenses are only deductible if you itemize and only if they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income:

              1. Did she live with you for the entire year as a member of your household? (Sounds like "no" because you mention her independent living facility")
              2. Is she related to you? (Sounds like "yes", she's your mother-in-law)
              3. Is she a U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident?
              4. Did you provide over half of her support for the year?


              Also, based on your reply to Mr. Bullard, it doesn't sound like the Care Contract equates to a multiple support agreement.


              Hope this helps.




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