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    Dishonest Employees: How to Avoid Hiring Them


      1. Ensure that reference verification procedures are not just in place, but are actually taking place. The difference between a good policy and actual application is what separates best-in-class privacy cultures from those corporations that end up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as the poster child for data breach.


      2. Perform comprehensive background screening in both the hiring process and after the candidate has become an employee. Believe it or not, employees do commit crimes after they have already taken a job with you. If necessary, utilize a strong background screening service to help you flag dishonest candidates.


      3. Set up Privacy Alarm Signs. Just like the burglar alarm signs that you put in front of your home to let potential thieves know that you have taken steps to protect yourself, it is equally important to send these signals to would-be data thieves. There are a host of ways to signal that your company cares about data privacy, including intensive fraud training, appropriate surveillance tactics and sporadic privacy audits.