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    NEW ARTICLE:  Finding the right vendors

    KathleenF Scout

      Read the new article "Finding the Right Vendors" which was published today.


      This has been a hot topic here on the community and will continue to be as the economy is ever changing. What to think about and some ideas of where to look are addressed in this article.


      What methods have you used to find a good vendor?



        • Re: NEW ARTICLE:  Finding the right vendors
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Good relationships with suppliers and proper purchasing records are essential.

          If you are good, you would have everything your customers want at the right time.

          This is of course impossible, but strive to come as close as possible.

          When planning, make a list of supplies required to start and locate suppliers for these materials.

          A good source for local suppliers is the local Yellow Pages. For all others, the Internet.

          Maintaining a good credit standing with your suppliers is very important.

          It is essential that you keep records of what you order and from whom.

          DO NOT OVERBUY. It will tie up working capital and could cause cash flow problems.

          Good luck