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    Starting a beauty salon/day spa

    amber mullins Newbie

      I wish to open my own beauty salon/ day spa. I don't know even where to begin. I am aware that I am going to need a small business loan, but was wondering how difficult it is to get one. My credit is rocky due to the death of our first child, I am rebuilding it....slowly but surely! Some advice about obtaining a loan and the initial steps for going forward would be helpfull.


        • Starting a beauty salon/day spa
          kalwel Newbie

          Hi Amber,


          I am planning to open my own salon, I went to this website and receicved helpful information.  There are different types of loans they fits the needs of the business, my opinion, the 7(a) loan is best for a salon.  Hope this help, be bless with your salon.

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            gboogieamerica_houston Wayfarer

            Hello, It's not hard to get an SBA LOAN.  You do have to have all your paper work together. 1st you need and EIN# 2nd you need a complete  Dunn and Bradstreet file so you can have a company rating not a Paydex score also they will give you a recommended dollar amount.  You do not have to pay for their services to build up a file.  What most businesses forget to do is register their company with the government that makes it helpful since you're trying to get a government loan.  You'll need a business plan and some business credit to start with as well.  Build your business on paper first then go for the physical part,  Do it this way, so you will not incur personal debt and hurt your personal fico.  SBA and SCORE are out dated with their info, when trying to help people build business, that's why so many businesses are failing because they are giving out dated info,