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    Copyright Protection

    faithfare92 Newbie

      Need direction on how to copyright learning content on my website

        • Copyright Protection
          WSBryanJaneczko Wayfarer

          If I were you, I would find an intellectual property lawyer to assist you in obtaining a copyright for your material. Depending on how much assistance you need, it would cost around $250/an hour. This may be a costly expense but only a lawyer admitted under your state would understand the regulations that you'll have to follow and what you can file for etc. Hope this helps..


          -Bryan J.

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          • Copyright Protection
            Barky Dog Tracker



            Just to add my 2 cents- it's really difficult/impossible to protect your content from being "swiped" and re-posted on other websites. 


            So, (if you haven't already) you should consider putting your learning content behind a "members only" section.  This will prevent the casual content thief from copying your content.  You can put "teaser" version of your content on the public pages, but visitors would have to become members to see the full content.


            Again, if your content is out on a public page, it will be copied.  Even Google and other search engines will come along and grab it.  Unfortunately, it's the open nature of the internet.



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